My time in the community is divided between two passions: diversity in technology and newcomer strategy.

Diversity in Tech

The technology industry is one I fell into. Yet, I was able to build diverse teams with a little concerted effort. Rising and leading through multiple companies meant being the only woman in the room more often than not. I wasn’t about to let that experience go to waste. Giving back included leading the Women in Tech Peer to Peer Group for TechAlliance of Southwestern Ontario for 4 years.

Named a Woman in Tech to Watch, January 2018

Named a Tech Champion, May 2017


Supporting Newcomer Talent

The economic need for newcomers to settle and thrive in our communities is often misrepresented. It is a real need as our population decreases and as our economies stagnate despite the plethora of professional talent going untapped. Through my work with Immploy and the City of London Newcomer Strategy Committee, I aim to highlight this winning economic policy.

Overcoming Hurdles for Immigrant Talent, April 2018

A Newcomer Mentorship Success Story, July 2015