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Data, the misunderstood asset in your organization. Everyone wants it. No one is quite sure what to do with it.

established organizations: transformation

Do you need a guide to make sense of your data landscape?

Does your team lack a data evangelist for a large scale project?

Are you seeking a translator who can speak to both the Business and IT functions?

From small, current-state reviews to leading large scale data transformations, I provide a decade of experience in Business Intelligence, Data Operations and Data Management.

Successful transformation starts with people

Leveraging the best practices from change management, I ensure the success of your data initiative by putting people first.

glendalynn dixon startup

Start ups: design for success

You've got the idea for next killer app.

What's your strategy for maximizing the potential value of your data?

Will your design meet national and global data regulations?

How will you protect your clients and your future?

The early stages of startup life are exciting.  They are also the best time to design your data strategy.  Move forward with confidence. 

  • review data valuation;

  • design data collection, storage & use with the future in mind;

  • learn to leverage your information

What you can expect:

In person coaching with you & your team. I will guide you to insights about your business, how to improve your overall value & differentiate yourself from the competition -- all through your data.

Not a data person?  Perfect.  Our conversation is grounded in practical application, not tech-speak.

Simply thinking about collecting email addresses for a newsletter promoting your product means are ready to talk about designing for the future.