70% of managers are afraid to talk to their employees

Can you count on your leaders to make difficult decisions? How do you put your people first & still meet the needs of your business? Are your people goals aligned with those of your organization? 

You want to contact me if

  • Your organization is growing and promoting at a fast pace and you want to ensure your team can keep up to best support you, your reputation and your bottom line

  • You are an HR Leader focused on providing your organization with the best in HR Tech to support your management team's abilities

  • You are a people manager who wants to stop second guessing yourself, lead with purpose and become your company's greatest asset

Training Delivered Onsite and Online

My signature delivery achieves practical results for your leadership team. Results that can be applied immediately, without losing your valued leaders for days at a time to offsite training courses.

Combining focused, small group sessions onsite with accessible online training, your team grows with the best of both worlds: personalized development and self-paced learning which can be revisited as often as necessary.

What you can expect:

A program tailored to your organization’s development needs.

A pragmatic approach from a facilitator who has ‘walked the walk’

Insight, tool & techniques that can be applied immediately.

Glendalynn is passionate about bringing out the best in people. She isn’t prescribing one solution for everyone or offering a quick fix. She finds the distinct solution that fits each client.
glendalynn dixon leadership training
Glendalynn was flexible with how, when, and where the sessions rolled out. Since we were developing a new role and managing the change that surrounds that process, we often shifted priorities or had to change gears. Glendalynn was happy to go off the beaten path and explore with us, and she never failed to deliver great, well-organized information and materials, despite changing demands
— M Newman
Her leadership experience and style cultivates a team of high performing, innovative, collaborative and compassionate individuals.  She is a life-long learner with a passion for teaching, guiding and elevating people to next level leadership.
— A Walton