Looking for 'from the trenches',  practical advice on management and leadership?    From mentoring to professional development; recruiting, interviewing & hiring; best practices to difficult conversations: I will share the lessons learned from my mistakes, growing pains and success from the past decade of my experience. Does a talking bear sound more interesting? You'll find that here too!

Kicking off this series with a brief intro. Who is a people manager? Why do I care about your success? What are we going to be talking about?

Let Go of Your Team

How does letting go of your team make you a more successful manager? Learn why putting yourself last (in this instance) can actually move everyone ahead.

How you Celebrate Impacts Performance

Who you celebrate determines HOW you celebrate. This is important to learn as a manager. It doesn't require a lot of effort or planning. One question can make the difference.

Design Your Own Employee Bill of Rights

Do you have a social contract with your team? Learn why this is an important step to building trust, driving insight and increasing true engagement within your team.

Advancement: When Being a Manager isn’t the Answer

Why is it that in order to advance, you must become a manager? Where is the stream that recognizes experts, without forcing them to take management roles they don't want? The repercussions are damaging to your organizational structure if you do not leverage that expertise correctly.

Nothing Comes Between Me and Your Resume

Forget targeted keyword searches & demographic-hiding tech. Find out why it is imperative that you see who is applying.

The lessons learned will improve the quality of your team and increase your ability to spot talent.

1st Interview is Just 4 Questions

Managers you can mix things up, have a little fun and best of all, ensure you get the information you need to move the right candidates to the next round. You can modify my 4 questions to suit your needs without sacrificing a positive candidate experience or following an outdated script.

Final Interview? Don’t Go It Alone!

Managers, the finish line of the hiring process is so close...don't blow it by flying solo!

Learn the reasons to involve your team at this critical milestone - and the pitfalls to avoid.

Manager = Mentor

The day a recruiter came calling on my team...who was I going to be in the moment? Words matter, especially as a manager. Choose to be a mentor, not a manipulator

Can Managers Have a Sense of Humour?

Yes! And no. Humanize yourself, be more relatable and effectively diffuse tense situations with humour, but be aware of your delivery.

Mentoring a Coworker (Who Isn’t on Your Team)

Managers the opportunity to offer coaching & mentorship can sneak up on you when you least expect it. How do you take advantage of the opportunity when the person isn't on your team?

Bobby Learns to Make Money for the Honey

I had a great chat with Bobby the Bear, teaching him the importance of data. Since he’s a bear that explanation involves honey and trees!

Get Noticed at Work

3 steps to increase your visibility in the workplace. Focusing on internal changes you can take for your true value to shine through.

Boost Your Recognition Outside the Workplace

Time to head outside your company and Get Noticed! Where to start? Which stream to pursue? When it comes to raising your wage, it is important to find the opportunities best suited to your strengths, and maybe push you outside your comfort zone, just a little!

Quantify Your Value

Struggling to clearly state how amazing you are?

Learn to concisely describe your value with impact.

What's Your One Thing? Leading with intent. It drives clarity, allows you to showcase your strengths (beyond your title) and informs your decisions.

From a Diversity in Tech discussion in April 2018, overcoming hurdles to employing immigrant talent (on behalf of Immploy).

Benefits, retirement savings - you might think that is for HR to discuss. Here are 3 reasons why you are the RIGHT person to start that conversation, and keep it going with your team.

Just Because You Are 1st Doesn’t Mean You Won

Does the early bird really get the worm? A life lesson from my 5 year-old self taught me that being first is not the same as winning.

Don't Speak: How Leadership Lost Its Voice - a DisruptHR talk by Glendalynn Dixon - Owner of Glendalynn Dixon Professional Services DisruptHR London ON 2.0 - September 19, 2018 in London, ON #DisruptHRLondonON