Online Training

are your managers your greatest asset?


Executives: What could your business achieve if you knew you could fully depend on your management team to step up when needed?

HR Leaders: Are you leveraging  on-demand management training as part of your HR Tech solution to support your team?

Managers: Are you leading with purpose, realizing your team's full potential and confident in your ability to develop your people?

The Successful People Manager

At a glance:

  • +100 minutes of quality, online training delivered to you in 5 self-paced lessons

  • tailor what you learn through in depth follow up activities

  • 365-day road map ensures follow through & prevent change saturation in your team

  • 30-day money back guarantee

How do I get started?

The Successful People Manager was an excellent resource for our organization. As an experienced manager, it reinforced my values and allowed me to put them into a formalized context, with actionable items. The program also taught me a few things and reminded me of some skills that I want to develop. For our new supervisor, the program was invaluable! I wish I had the opportunity to take this program ten years ago, rather than learn by struggling through so many situations. All in all, this program proved to be a great resource for everyone on our team and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is in a leadership role, seasoned or otherwise, there is something for everyone in easily digestible, yet informative lessons.
— M Newman
I highly encourage new managers to engage in this course as they prepare to care about the careers of those they manage (particularly if they’ve only been focused on their own development before moving into a management role). Even experienced managers can use this course as a refresher of what they should bring to their team beyond task management and performing annual reviews.
— Jessica Ireland, Director Security, Risk + Compliance, Info-Tech Research Group