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Carpe Diem Book Launch!

I am thrilled to contribute to this beautiful book, featuring inspirational stories from 25 amazing women. It is an honour to share my Carpe Diem story - ‘Speak Up. Seize the Moment. Create Change.

Toronto Launch Event, April 12 2019 - Tickets Available Here

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Upcoming Events

"Leading When the Rules Have Changed"

Southwestern Ontario Human Resources Group

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019


Diversity Matters

Sexism Exists, Even If You Cannot See It, February 2019, Article

5 Steps to Help Your Diversity Initiative be a Success, October 2018, Article

How to Achieve Diversity in the Workplace, July 2018, Article


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Community Spotlight

The Road Ahead, London Inc Magazine, Winter 2018/19

Named one of 2018's  Women to Watch in Technology, January 2018

Broad Perspective, Contributor,  September 2017, January 2019

Overcoming Hurdles for Immigrant Talent, Video from Diversity in Tech: Understanding Where We Are, April 2018

2017 Tech Champion, Recognized for contributions, support and advancement of the local technology community, March 2017

TechAlliance Member Spotlight, January 2017

LMIEC Mentorship Success Story, personal reflections on a successful immigrant mentoring                                                                                               partnership, July 2015