Honest. Engaging. Candid.

Looking for professionalism, not a canned speech? That’s me.

Do you want real experience, candid insights and straight talk? Still me.

Prefer someone who agrees with everything, has no informed opinion and is frankly kind of beige? We are not a match.

glendalynn dixon ladies that ux

My stories resonate. I’m open about the challenges, opportunities and resilience I have experienced. Sharing perspectives and hindsight in a way that ensures attendees are left with practical steps to motivate positive action and avoid making similar missteps based on the experiences of someone who has walked the walk.

Suggested Speaking Topics

Who Are You? When Identity & Careers Collide

The Hidden Dangers of Being an Entrepreneur

Speaking Up May Not Change the World, But It Will Change You

4 Generations of Women in Tech: When Will the Conversation Change?

Data Governance: The Ugly Duckling of the Data World is Now Turning Heads

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