Focusing on leadership, I prioritize the realities of the management experience, combining a progressive view of the leader’s role with a pragmatic approach to increase confidence, build trust and demonstrate commitment.


Participate in original sessions based on my years successfully leading and developing teams by improving outdated frameworks to reflect the current business landscape.

Future Proof Your Team

The workplace landscape has changed, and will continue to change; disrupting industries and redefining career requirements.

Glendalynn Dixon Future Proof Your Team Workshop Slide

How we work today is not how we will work in the future. Is your team Future Proof?


  • Identify development blind spots and build a plan that keeps them in the spotlight

  • Retention VS Realization. Know the difference and design accordingly

  • Overcome 2 key hurdles preventing longevity for your team

Build Trust Through Time Management

Time management does more than keep you from being late to your next meeting.

Glendalynn Dixon Build Trust Through Time Management Workshop Slide

The ripple effect of mediocre time management skills in leaders results in a disengaged team that lacks motivation and remains wary of new ideas. Rekindle their engagement, build trust and reclaim more of your time.


  • Meetings: The 5 Ws for the Biggest Time Waster in the Workplace

  • Understanding the communication your team requires

  • Designing Trust - The 365 Day Plan to Lead Your Team

Time To Cut The Cord?

Wondering if the time has come to shake things up?

Glendalynn Dixon Time to Cut The Cord Workshop Slide

You’re not alone. Understand how you can leverage the principles of team design to successfully plan your next steps before making any difficult decisions and develop a strategy to prevent reaching this point again.


  • Leverage development cycles to design your team

  • Learn to communicate directly and purposefully about team design

  • Letting go: a 6 month transition or 2 weeks notice - which would you prefer?