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successful transformation starts with people

I guide organizations like yours through change. Whether strengthening your management team or increasing the value of your data assets, my starting point is always the same: your people.


Change doesn’t happen to an organization, department or technology. It happens to people.

Don't Speak: How Leadership Lost Its Voice - a DisruptHR talk by Glendalynn Dixon - DisruptHR London ON 2.0 - September 19, 2018

For leaders, I prioritize the realities of your management experience, combining a progressive view of the leader’s role in an organization with a pragmatic approach to increase your confidence, build trust and demonstrate commitment. This is based on my years successfully leading and developing teams by improving outdated frameworks to reflect the current business landscape.

Leveraging both onsite and online offerings, I train or re-train your managers, turning them into your best assets. When you need your management to step up, with my help, they will be well prepared to do so.

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People are also the starting point for any data initiative.

When companies want to improve business intelligence and monetize their data assets, I utilize my change management certification, implementation and technical expertise to ask the right questions and build effective teams to support long-term success.

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