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Glendalynn Dixon

Are Your Managers Getting the Best From Their Teams?

Are You Getting the Best From Your Managers?






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I prepare managers for all aspects of their role, including when things go sideways... When you need your management to step up, with my help, they will be well prepared to do so.
I build self-awareness. I support and strengthen a manager's core leadership abilities for the benefit of their teams and therefore your organization.

How? I have created the fundamental online course to train or re-train the managers you have and turn them into your best assets. This unique course is presented online, in bite-sized lessons. This course is available on-demand and is mobile friendly. This approach is grounded in my experience as a people manager, my lifelong role as a trusted advisor and my ability to modify traditional frameworks to be applicable in today's business environment.


Client Reviews

Glendalynn was enthusiastic and open to put her diverse background of skills to work to help Supports Health develop and scale. It was a great experience working with Glendalynn and being able to pull on her depth of knowledge in both people and data. I couldn’t be more pleased with our engagement, and will absolutely be leaning on Glendalynn in the future as we grow.
— M Rosenberg
Glendalynn’s approach to training is a refreshing alternative to conventional delivery. She is a realist to the constraints of lengthy training sessions and their long-term ROI. A master at delivering short, content specific, focused and readily applicable training sessions that produce real growth for the participants and organizations.
— A Walton