glendalynn dixon carpe diem 2

Your voice is your currency.

Spend it wisely.”

Carpe Diem is an inspiring collection, featuring 24 authors from around the globe who identified opportunity and found their purpose.

Speak Up, Seize the Moment, Create Change.


Recognizing opportunities and then finding the courage to speak out, to make a difference - it has been a lifelong lesson for me. Sometimes the result was helping others realize significant change. Other times resulted in my standing alone with egg on my face.

Join me in recounting how speaking up taught me a valuable, albeit embarrassing lesson on reading a room; how seizing one moment led to an accidental career in technology and what it took for me to grow comfortable in the role of antagonist-with-a-cause. I explore the ups and downs of using my voice to challenge the status quo to create necessary change and share a few insights I’ve picked up along the way.

Speak Up, Seize the Moment, Create Change. This is my story.